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ATM Programs for all size marchants

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Our drive is what make us different

At ATM Access, our goal is to offer the best ATM equipment, technical service and support to our merchants and clients as possible. We do not just sell ATM machines..... >> Read More

Certified ATM repair center

Our drive is what make us different

Our certified tech are dedicated to provide exceptional ATM service,our team of highly qualified & certified professionals are certified by Hantle, Triton, Nautilus Hyosung, Diebold & Genmega. Our service & parts >> Read More

Profit Calculator

Our drive is what make us different

To find out the value of adding an ATM in your establishment, enter your daily traffic count. You can also change the default surcharge if you like. Look at the bottom value to find out how much transaction>> Read More

Welcome to ATM access Inc.

ATM Access is a registered ISO for Citizens Bank, N.A., and Providence, RI.

With our unique business knowledge of the ATM industry and today affordable prices, an ATM is viable at just about every loc

ATM Access was founded in 1999, and rapidly became one of the fastest growing ATM companies in the Northeast. We are a full service ATM provider with ATM placements nationwide; we provide a full range of ATM services, including ATM sales, placement, leasing, transaction processing, vault cash and cash transportation services.....>> Read More

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  • Free Express Shipping
  • Free ATM Lighted Neon Sign
  • Free ATM Lighted Topper
  • Free Online Web Reporting
  • Free Processing - No Fees
  • Free Training & Support


  • ATM Processing Included-Free
  • free ATM Training & Support
  • Tidel ATMS-Cashless ATMS
  • Triton ATM & Tranax ATM
  • ATM Sales & Service


  • Turnkey-No Cost Solution
  • For High Traffic Location
  • Large ATM Deployment
  • Armored Car Service
  • Online Real-Time Statistics